Project Description


Vastco, Inc. was contracted to construct the Lake Mary Rd. Improvements Project as part of a collaborative effort with the FHWA, US Forest Service, Coconino County, and the City of Flagstaff. The project utilized funds from the four agencies to improve access and safety for motorists and bicyclists, improve winter roadway conditions, and improve access to the selected recreational use areas. Additional improvements include utility relocates, drainage improvements, and reduced roadway shading and recovery zones.

The project team completed the roadway widening portion of the project, within the City of Flagstaff limits, early by the winter of 2009, upon returning to conclude the remainder of the contract, beyond the City limits, in the spring of 2010. Improvements to this section of Lake Mary Rd. include removing and installing new sections of guardrail for a continuous run along Lake Mary Rd., constructing acceleration and deceleration lanes at the Lake Mary Boat Launch, installing a center turn lane at the Pinegrove Campground, as well as the renovation of the Mormon Lake Overlook.