Learn about our award-winning projects and the stellar team behind them. Vastco brings a creative problem-solving and team-oriented approach to every project which has resulted in recognition for these achievements with many awards.


Project Director/Principal-in-Charge

Since 1991, Mr. Van Beek has served as the president of Vastco, Inc. His duties include, but are not limited to: Safety Officer, Quality Control Manager, EEO Officer, and Estimator. Ed is also responsible for all phases of corporate and construction activity including, but not limited to, financing, job estimating and design, hiring of personnel, on-site supervision, coordination of government agencies and engineers, purchasing, management.


ROC 074290 A General Engineering
ROC 110467 B-1 General Commercial Contractor
Dun and Bradstreet
Arizona Corporation Commission
AGC – Arizona Chapter

Chief of Operations/Chief Estimator

Steve Rogers brings 35 years of experience to the team reviewing plans, estimating and preparing bid schedules for construction projects in Arizona. Mr. Rogers understands the importance of having a quality set of documents for which the contractor can price his projects and build them in accordance with the construction contract documents. With every project that is bid, it is of the utmost importance that an estimator is on top of the industry prices for materials, equipment charges, and labor rates. Mr. Rogers’ longevity in the construction industry is evidence of his knowledge of industry costs and operating expenses. As a key team member, Mr. Rogers’ role as the Chief of Operations/Estimator will be to assist the Project Manager in coordinating and managing Vastco pre-construction services for the project, including budgeting, estimating, and preparation of the GMP.


Barry Pond has been in the heavy highway construction industry for 35 years. He has worked on projects as a union laborer, union carpenter and various leadership positions as crew lead, foreman and superintendent. This experience provided opportunities to work as a project engineer and project manager for Vastco, Inc. Barry’s history of field work and project supervision helped him to develop a unique perspective in his field. Woking with various state DOT’s and agencies gave him a keen understanding of industry standards of heavy highway construction. As Barry has been part of various design build projects, he brings a multitude of creative options and construction practices to the Vastco team. Following the leadership of some of the top estimating teams allows Barry to effectively produce accurate pricing and estimates of the many items associated with project estimates.

Project Manager

Mr. Dubay holds the position of Project Manager/Estimator/Project Engineer in the field of heavy civil/highway construction. As a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Mr. Dubay has worked on both private and public works projects located throughout Northern Arizona. Since coming on board with Vastco, Inc. in 2005, Mr. Dubay has gained extensive experience in the management of concrete structures, which includes girder and post-tension bridges along with box culverts and retaining walls. Mr. Dubay has developed the technical skill set in Construction Management from initial project estimating thru the maintenance of project schedule, cost analysis, and budget accounting through education and hands-on training from within Vastco’s experienced management team.

Project Manager

Mr. Auchter has 15 years of construction management skills. He started his training as a project superintendent and construction manager with a background in bridge construction, and has developed from a project engineer to a project manager. He has the ability to manage grading and paving operations, the experience as a traffic control coordinator, and the certification as an Erosion Control Coordinator.

General Superintendent

Mr. Deveraux has over 35 years of bridge building experience. He has managed all phases of bridge construction consisting of precast, cast in place and steel bridges in some of the most remote locations in Arizona. His experience also includes emergency repair work and traffic control / incidental to structures work.

Project Superintendent

Robert David has worked for Vastco since 2002 as Superintendent and Foreman for infrastructure, traffic interchange, and roadway construction projects throughout Arizona. Mr. David has provided continuous field supervision and craft worker coordination on numerous projects for Vastco. His ability to keep crews working safely and quickly allows projects to move forward on schedule and on budget. As a key team member, Mr. David will actively verify project compliance and inspect construction products to ensure all work is complete to specifications.


This project is a multiple award winner honored with an Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award, and the AGC Build Arizona Award in 2015. This project best demonstrates meeting the challenges of a difficult job, outstanding project management, innovation in design, environmental comprehension, client service, and our unyielding desire to assist the community. We established effective communication, identified and resolved potential issues within the project at the lowest level, developed and maintained an action plan, and we created a good working relationship among all project stakeholders.


Winning the 2011 Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award best exemplifies the spirit of partnering while working with project stakeholders. Vastco, Inc. displayed a superior partnering process that honored all stakeholders, resolved conflicts, improved communication, incorporated team-building, and, most importantly, resulted in a superior project.


Vastco brings a creative problem solving and team oriented approach to every project.


Vastco Inc. is the industry leader in interchange and bridge construction