Heavy Highway Prime Contractor

Vastco, Inc. is an Arizona-based industry leader in traffic interchange and bridge construction. Vastco, Inc. utilizes an innovative construction approach with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics.

Vastco is an A-General Contractor specializing in concrete construction for over 30 years. We appreciate the opportunity to deliver high-quality concrete products to our clients, and specialize in:

• TCameron (2)raffic Interchange (TI) Construction
• Bridge Construction (Post-tension and AASHTO girder)
• Box Culvert Construction
• Retaining Wall Construction
• Drainage Structure Installation
• Headwall and Footer Installation
• Roundabout Construction


The Vastco track record of excellence goes back more than 30 years. The success of Vastco projects is attributed to the management practices, high-quality materials, quality control testing processes, and scheduling procedures. These processes ensure professional quality, technical accuracy, and skilled design coordination. Vastco applies a “cradle to the grave” approach on CMAR projects. We begin during the design phase providing planning consultation to create scheduling opportunities and acquire best value building materials. During construction, Vastco pursues Value Engineering submittals to achieve cost savings for the owner agency. After close of project, we seek partnering award opportunities to enhance our reputation and the reputation of our clients. Vastco adheres to strict project performance guidelines that demonstrate a commitment to continuous coordination and communication, which is reflected in every project we build.


To attain overall project quality, Vastco utilizes comprehensive team communication with clear expectations. A strong partnership with the entire project team will be established early and adhered to throughout construction. Vastco will work in a cooperative and mutually supportive manner to assist the team in producing properly executed drawings that will lay the foundation for this project. Vastco has successfully implemented streamlined phasing strategies based on design plans that result in valuable, innovative improvements that exceed contractual and individual expectations.

Vastco will pay special attention to quality control and quality assurance during construction, especially as it relates to Flagstaff’s changing climate conditions. Vastco will actively pursue excellence in quality on this project by utilizing sustainable construction practices to provide the best product possible. Attention to detail will be given to material availability and testing to ensure the highest quality under the most extreme high-desert environmental conditions.