Vastco was founded by Tom Devereaux in 1980. Based on the principle of bringing the best people in to deliver well-built projects, Ed Van Beek continues the Vastco tradition of excellence to this day.

Vastco, Inc. is an Arizona-based industry leader in traffic interchange and bridge construction. Vastco utilizes an innovative construction approach with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics.

Vastco is an A-General Contractor specializing in concrete construction for nearly 30 years. We appreciate the opportunity to deliver high-quality concrete products to our clients, and specialize in:

  • Construction Management
  • Traffic Interchange Construction
  • Bridge Construction (Post-tension and ASHTO girder)
  • Hard Rock Excavation
  • Box Culvert Construction
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Drainage Structure Installation
  • Headwall and Footer Installation